County Civil

ItemFee Amount
Small claims less than $100$55
Small claims $100 to $500$80
Small claims $500.01 to $2,500$175
Small claims $2,500.01 to $8,000$300
County Civil $8,000.01 to $15,000$300
County Civil $15,000.01 to $50,000$400
Removal of Tenant$185
Issuing each summons$10
Filing cross-claim, counterclaim, or third-party complaint if relief sought by party exceeds $2,500$295
Reopening a case, up to $500$25
Reopening a case, greater than $500$50
Additional filing fee for each timeshare estate joined in action$10
Additional service charge for each proceeding of Garnishment, Attachment, Replevin and Distress$85
Claims of not more than $1,000 filed simultaneously with an action for Replevin of Property that is subject of the claim. Sec. 34.04(1)(A)6, Fla. Stat.$130
Additional charge for each defendant over 5, per defendant$2.50
Clerk's Certificate$7
From each attorney appearing Pro Hac Vice$100
For administering oath, attesting and sealing$3.50
For issuing and filing a subpoena for a witness, not otherwise provided for herein (includes writing, preparing, signing and sealing)$7
Certification Fee per document$2
Writing any paper other than herein specifically mentioned, same as copying, including signing and sealing$7
Notice of Recording Foreign Judgment$42
Non-resident Cost Bond$100
Certified mail, return receipt (up to 1 ounce)$8.10
Certified mail, return receipt, restricted delivery (up to 1 ounce)$14.75
Registry Fee3% first $500
Registry Fee
1.5% on balance
Sale Fee$70
Electronic Auction Fee (non-refundable)$70
Wire Transfer Fee$4
Small Claims Packet$3
Eviction Packet$10.05
Registered mail, return receipt (up to 1 ounce)$18.50
Registered mail, return receipt, restricted delivery$24.75